Smart Communications' Sweet Gay-themed Ad

Smart Communications Inc. is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Philippines. They have created this gay-themed advertisement a couple of months bac...

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Being Gay In The Military

Watch this video by Buzzfeed interviewing a couple of people about their experience in serving in the US military.

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Cammie's Coming OUT

I love the simplicity of this coming out video. Cammie was simply telling her story on how she found out she was gay, and what her journey was like. If you're planning...

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When Coming Out Turns Better Than What You Thought?

Coming out is a huge move for a lot of people. And the first time you do it (especially with your good friends), there is this big build up. Thoughts like - what woul...

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Buzzfeed: People Read Coming Out Stories

Watch this emotional video of people reading coming out stories. Make sure you have a tissue in hand.

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What happens when gay guys see each other and there are no straights around?

Oh, this video is hilarious! Watch it to find out gay men's top secret interactions!

Just in case you don't realize it. This is definitely a parody.

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Social Experiment: Gay Couple Holding Hands in Public (Lisbon, Portugal)

Social experiment: How would people react when a gay couple hold hands in public?

Watch this video to see how the people in Lisbon, Portugal reacted when Pedro and ...

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Viral Indian Ad Featuring a Lesbian Couple "ANOUK : Bold is Beautiful | The Visit"

Myntra, an e-commerce company from India has created a video featuring a lesbian couple. Since its released, the video has been watched for over 1 million times. The v...

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Ellen Degeneres Interviews Two Friends About Their Prom Date

What would you do if your gay friend doesn't have a date on prom? Anthony Martinez did not have a date on prom so his straight friend, Jacob Lescenski, asked him out t...

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